Goju-Ryu Martial Arts Academy

Ken Freeman

Chief Instructor

ShiHan Kenneth Freeman, SR.

ShiHan Kenneth Freeman Sr., 9th Degree Black Belt is the founder of GOJU-RYU-JITSU system, Chief Instructor at the GOJU-RYU MARTIAL ARTS ACADEMY and holder of nine Martial Arts Hall of Fame awards. In creating the GOJU-RYU-JITSU system, ShiHan Freeman has searched out the best grappling, striking and kicking techniques and blended them with boxing, Jujitsu and Aikido techniques forming a unique style which he named "GOJU-RYU-JITSU". ShiHan Freeman started his training in the Art of Boxing and the Martial Arts in 1964 under the guidance of his father at a local YMCA in Camden, N.J. During training, he met a friend whom was studying GOJU-RYU Karate and introduced him to Ramon Nunez, Sensei. Since 1966, ShiHan Freeman has been training with Seiko-Sheehan Ramon Nunez, 10th Degree Black Belt in the Arts of Aki-Jujitsu, Jujitsu and Aikido. Under the tutelage of Grand Master Ramon Nunez, Kenneth Freeman has earned the rank of Hachi-Dan Kyoshi, 8th Degree Black Belt in the art of GOJU-RYU. On Saturday May 17, 2014 Grand Master Ramon Nunez promoted ShiHan Ken Freeman to Kudan, 9th Dan for fulfilling all the physical & mental requirements and technical knowledge in this Martial Art.

Ken Freeman

As a Black Belt instructor, ShiHan Freeman has been competing in Martial Arts tournaments throughout the United States and Canada; usually always placing in the top 3 or earning the highest honor of Grand Champion. ShiHan Freeman has boxed at an amateur level as well as professionally. He has kickboxed professionally and has reached a top ten national ranking in the United States. He has earned many hall of fame and professional achievements. Most notably in 2001, the art of Goju-Ryu-Jitsu and founder ShiHan Kenneth Freeman were inducted into The Karate Voice Florida Hall of Fame and awarded the prestigious Founder of the Year award.

Ken Freeman In 1988, ShiHan Freeman opened the GOJU-RYU Martial Arts Academy in Oaklyn, NJ. The school is located at 712-C Haddon Avenue Collingswood, N.J. in the F.W. Woolsworth Historical Building. Celebrating over 25 years of existence, the Honbu Dojo and ShiHan’s training has produced dozens of skilled Black Belts of exceptional character. These Black Belts (now all instructors and asst. instructors) have competed in Martial Arts tournaments throughout the United States with some students reaching first place in Black Belt Kata and many top ten rankings in Kumite. Several of these Black Belt instructors are still training & instructing, some at the Honbu Dojo (Collingswood, N.J.) and the others throughout the United States. ShiHan Freeman is very proud of all his Black Belts and instructors!